Websites designed, developed and delivered just for you.

Your website is your 24/7 advocate (or it should be).

As a business owner, wouldn’t it be nice to focus on the heart and soul of your work instead of whirling around in perpetual setting up mode?

Setting up a website, setting up a social media marketing strategy, setting up a content plan, setting up… setting up…

Instead of getting sucked into the DIY vortex let me take at least one (big) thing off your overflowing plate: your website.

I’d like to argue this is probably the most important piece of the puzzle too, because without a killer website all of those other strategies and plans won’t do jack.

Spending hours, days, weeks & even months in the website building learning curve is killing your business.

Kay Roberts

The website looks great! Thanks so much you made this exciting scary time more enjoyable!

Kay Roberts

Working with Brit has been a dream, after working with many others I can testify that you will not be disappointed and wish you started with her sooner. Thank you Brit, you're the best!

Nick Boyd

Thank you very much for the service. I've been very pleased and I hope I'm able to turn this site into something meaningful for people within the next few years.

Will Vargas


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Start date

Your start date arrives and we cling our digital mugs in a "let's do this" toast. I design, revise and design some more. You provide feedback along the way.



Here's where I go quietly into the good night. I'll give you an update at least once a week until I'm finished coding, testing and optimizing.



We high-five and then your site goes live. Next we do a virtual walk-through on how to maintain your site and post-launch experience.

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The more precious time you spend trying to "save money" by not hiring help, the more money you're actually losing. 


You know what you don't want.

No more late night Google’s trying to figure out what to do and where to start.

No more spending hours (months) DIYing your site — ripping your hair out — without getting anywhere.

No more feelings of being stuck moving your business forward because your website still. isn’t. done.

No more broken sites or freak out seshs trying to bring it back to life.

No more wasted time, energy or money.

You know what you do want, though.

You want a site that isn’t just another template from the template factory.

You want a site that speaks to who you are and what you do without restricting you from evolving as a business, a brand and a person.

You want to work with someone who knows what they’re doing and is a crusader for your freedom and success.

You want the ability and know-how to update your site yourself so you’re not glued to a developer for the rest of your life.


A website is your virtual storefront.

It’s your very own piece of real estate property in cyberspace. It’s your golden ticket to a successful business and a life by design.

Some businesses can do the whole word of mouth thing — but for the rest of us? We need a spot where who we are and what we do speaks for itself.



Website Design

  • 5 page wordpress website
  • custom site design
  • content input
  • opt-in form(s)
  • social media integration
  • google analytics
  • onsite SEO
  • responsive on all devices
  • 14-days email support

Website Design + Branding

$3950 ---- booked out until 2020!
  • everything in web design plus 3 additional pages
  • logo (1 concept, 2 revisions)
  • moodboard + color palette
  • handpicked fonts
  • 5 digital brand items
  • email template header
  • social media kit with 20 templates
  • brand style guide
  • final files

Don't need all the bells and whistles? Get a three day website for 300 bones. Booking now until October 31st. Spooky.


Additional Page

  • page design
  • page development
  • content input

E-Commerce Setup

  • e-commerce setup on site
  • shop design to match your brand
  • up to 10 products
  • payment gateway integration

Downloadable PDF

  • PDF cover design
  • page layout design
  • content up to 3 pages
  • integration with mailing service
  • delivery email copy


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